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  March 24th, 2012   0

Game of Thrones: some new/old season 1 episode stills

Added some new/old Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode Stills in the gallery. Enjoy them!

“Game of Thrones” > Season 1 > Episode Stills > 1.01 – Winter Is Coming [+2]
“Game of Thrones” > Season 1 > Episode Stills > 1.03 – Lord Snow [+2]
“Game of Thrones” > Season 1 > Episode Stills > 1.06 – A Golden Crown [+1]

Also, thanks to Bisous the gallery have a new shiny layout!

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  March 11th, 2012   2

Contents Added

Finally have been able to add some contents to the site. I’ve tried to add everything I could find about Richard and his works, but any help is welcome so if you have some informations you don’t find here and you’d like to share them with us, feel free to email us and we will add them!

In the pages you can now find:

→ His Biography
→ Some interesting facts about him
→ How to contact him

→ His filmography with pages dedicated to Game of Thrones, Sirens and Birdsong.

→ Credits & Thanks

→ How to get in touch with us
→ Our beautiful affiliates
→ Link us buttons

We’re also looking for affiliates so if you’re interested apply here :)

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  January 26th, 2012   5

New Layout!

Hey everyone! My name is Michelle and I’m the previous owner of the site. Ann has stepped down but Nicole will still remain as co-webmaster with me. For my first update back I’ve added a new layout that Nicole made. Let us know what you think!

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  December 22nd, 2011   0

New Site Owner

Hello everyone! My name is Ann and I’m the new site owner of Richard Madden Fan; thanks to Michelle for letting me take over. You may know me from my previously owned Kit Harington fansite (which is now owned by the fabulous Stef). I’m excited to continue the work at Richard Madden Fan and sharing all the latest Richard news with you.

Since the site hasn’t been updated in a while there is a lot for me to do. If people could comment what has been missed (magazine alerts, news, trailers, etc) I would really appreciate so that I can catch up on everything. Coming soon are the missing Game of Thrones screencaptures as well as screencaptures of Sirens.

Please note that I will continue with not posting any rumors or gossip regarding Richard (including paparazzi pictures). I’m not interested in his relationships and will not pry into his private life. I’m here to support the career of a very talented actor. Thank you for understanding.

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  December 17th, 2010   1

New Gallery Theme!

Thanks to Laura we finally have changed the theme at the gallery, take a look, it’s beautiful!

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