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First Look: The Making of Cinderella’s Wedding Gown

Sixty-five years after Walt Disney released the animated film Cinderella, the beloved fairy tale is heading back to the big screen on March 13 as an epic, live-action romance. Costume designer Sandy Powell drew inspiration from the 19th century and the 1950s to reimagine the looks of characters from the classic cartoon for director Kenneth Branagh’s remake.

“I wanted the costumes to be bold and have an explosion of color as if it were a picture book,” says Powell, 54, a three-time Oscar winner. “But at the same time, I wanted the clothes to be true to each character and believable.” In a fairy tale movie, as you might imagine, “believable” can be stretched. Powell’s work on Cinderella included an twelve-layer ball gown, a single dress that took more than 550 hours to make, and eight pairs of shoes made of Swarovski crystal—none of which were ever worn by Cinderella herself.


For the Prince’s wedding-day attire, Powell chose a military aesthetic similar to the animated character, but with tailoring from the 1950s thrown in. “The silhouette and the shape of the shoulders is from the original animation,” she says. “But we created more of a fitted look and dressed him in less masculine colors such as blue, green, and white.” The wool military jacket, which was dyed a light blue to accentuate Madden’s eyes, boasts gold bullion and crystal-sequenced braids that were hand embroidered in Pakistan. (read the rest at the source)


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