Welcome to Richard Madden Fan at www.richard-madden.com, your first and original fansource for the talented scottish actor Richard Madden. He's best known for playing Robb Stark in HBO's Game of Thrones and Prince Kit in Disney's Cinderella. His recent projects have been Netflix's Medici: Masters of Florence where he playes Cosimo deMedici, two Amazon Prime's series. Oasis and Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams, and Netflix's original movie, Ibiza. Later this year, he has a BBC series Bodyguard coming up.

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Television Series > Oasis > Season 1 > ; 1.01 – Pilot Screencaps [+724]
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Bastille Day, Richard’s film from 2016, was renamed due to a terrorist attack in Nice:

Idris Elba’s high-octane action flick Bastille Day has been renamed ahead of its delayed DVD and Blu-ray release on 17th October.

Now referred to as The Take, the film was originally due for release on 29th August 2016 but this was put back following the truck attack in Nice which claimed 84 lives.




Movie Productions > The Take (formerly known as Bastille Day) (2016) > November 5, 2014 – Filming in Paris [+15]

Movie Productions > The Take (formerly known as Bastille Day) (2016) > Behind the Scenes [+1]

Movie Productions > The Take (formerly known as Bastille Day) (2016) > Production Stills [+4]

Movie Productions > The Take (formerly known as Bastille Day) (2016) > HD Screencaps [+1072]

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Below are the screencaps for Richard’s short film ‘Group B‘ that he did in 2014. In case you haven’t seen the film, I’ve also added it to the bottom of the post.



Movie Productions > Group B [Short Film] (2014) > Screencaps [+506]



GROUP B from Nick Rowland on Vimeo.


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Starting to update the missing items from the site and here are two events. One is from May when Richard, Gillian Jacobs, and Alex Richanbach talk about Ibiza. I’ve also added four pics of Richard arriving at Kit Harington and Rose Leslie’s wedding in Scotland.



Public Appearances > 2018 > May 22: Ibiza Cast at Build Studios [+18]

Public Appearances > 2018 > June 23: Kit Harington & Rose Leslie’s Wedding [+4]


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Hello! My name is AliKat and I am the new owner of Richard Madden Fan. I used to own Game of Thrones Fan before I closed it in 2015 but among other fansites, I currently own four other Game of Thrones related fansites Glorious Gwendoline Christie, Michiel Huisman Fan, Enchanting Emilia Clarke, and Majestic Jason Momoa. I have wanted a Richard fansite for over four years now and stalked this site the whole time. Since he left Game of Thrones, I have followed all of his projects. But after seeing the movie Ibiza, I decided I’d go ahead and make a site. However, Nicole and Emily offered to sell me this site instead. Naturally I jumped at the chance. So a big thank you to both of them!


I’m currently working on updating the gallery with the missing items. So stand by for updates. I will also be setting up a Facebook and Tumblr so you can keep an eye on the updates in your preferred method.



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