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"I just think of myself as an upstart who is trying to get better at what I do."

1.01 – Up, Horny, Down

Aired on June 27, 2011 – Directed by Victor Buhler

Stuart, Ashley and Rachid are three randy,maverick paramedics. After Stuart attempts open heart massage to save the female victim of a road traffic accident the trio are sent to see therapist Kirsty Shelmerdine,as sufferers of post traumatic stress. She tells them they will be subject to the classic syndrome of Up,Horny,Down where elation is followed by sexual desire,the satisfaction of which will lead to depression. Whilst Rachid has afternoon delight with a lady barrister and gay Ashley has a bondage session with a black busker Stuart fails to get his policewoman friend Maxine in bed. As a result he is the only one of the three boys not to suffer from depression,which makes him ideal for talking a potential suicide down from a bridge. His day ends on a down note however and he returns to Maxine to apologise for his actions.

1.02 – Two Man Race

Aired on July 4, 2011 – Directed by Victor Buhler

The boys race the fire brigade to be first on the scene when a pregnant woman collapses after which Stuart,teased about his manhood,lies by saying he has a girlfriend. After turning down an offer by Maxine he quickly arranges a date with student Angie but she goes like a train whilst he gets brewer’s droop. Advice from Maxine leads him to trace its cause to anxiety over a call from the father he has not seen for seventeen years,so a meeting is arranged. However Angie has not been totally honest with him as he about to find out,providing a bizarre solution to his problem. Maxine meanwhile goes on a blind date but books the man for having no tax disc.

1.03 – I.C.E.

Aired on July 11, 2011 – Directed by Damon Thomas

The boys are called to a student house where Rachid finds the rotting corpse of a young man who has lain dead in the shower for several days. Literally haunted by the deceased and scared of dying alone Rachid proposes to his girlfriend Sarah but gets knocked back since she only dated him out of pity as she thought he was terminally ill. Fortunately he has Kirsty and Ashley to talk him through his crisis. Stuart names Maxine as his contact in case of emergency (or I.C.E.) but soon wishes he hadn’t.

1.04 – King of the Jungle

Aired on July 18, 2011 – Directed by Damon Thomas

When Rachid starts sulking after the others have criticised his incompetence, controller Stella threatens to split the team,resulting in a leadership contest between Stuart and Rachid to be King of the Jungle,though it is pretty much decided when Rachid prangs the ambulance. Maxine experiments on Derek,her Internet date,to assess her sensual potential with disastrous results but gets chatted up by fireman Craig.

1.05 – Stress

Aired on July 25, 2011 – Directed by Amanda Boyle

After all the emergency services are called out to a couple stuck in a car during illegal sex Stuart notes Maxine’s closeness to Craig but,after a seminar on stress by Kirsty,the other boys point out that Stuart is jealous and this is increasing his own stress level. When Craig admits to Stuart he feels the relationship is doomed Stuart persuades Maxine that Craig is the right man for her and then learns that Craig is indeed falling for her more and more. This stresses him out even more and he seeks platonic relief with Ashley.

1.06 – Cry

Aired on August 1, 2011 – Directed by Amanda Boyle

Stuart is visited by Yvonne,who says that she is his stepmother and that his long-estranged father has just died. Stuart feels he should have known more about the man and discovers that he has a little stepbrother,Mini-Stuart,whom he takes on call with him and to Maxine’s birthday party. The little boy seems wise beyond his years,with insight into his stepbrother’s life and persuades the paramedic to attend the funeral,though his appearance is anti-climactic. Ashley picks up a one night stand who inconsiderately decides to move in with him whilst Rachid,having passed his exams,gets the chance to move away.