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"I just think of myself as an upstart who is trying to get better at what I do."

There’s out of work, and then there’s out of work. Thanks to the success of ‘Bodyguard’, Richard Madden is enjoying the good kind, kicking back with the world at his feet

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THE JACKAL – This is not how it should be. Richard Madden, gingerbread-haired and always smouldering, is sitting in the basement of a working men’s club in south-east London, relishing the fact he has absolutely nothing to do. Not now, at least. Tomorrow, the Glaswegian actor is presenting a BAFTA award with his Rocketman co-stars Taron Egerton and Jamie Bell, but he’s so relaxed about it he doesn’t even know the category yet (Special Visual Effects), or the nominees (it goes to Black Panther). The most pressing thing he needs to do today, ahead of an upcoming trip back to the US, is go to his house and locate his razor.

This is not how it should be. Not for the man who played Robb Stark, Game of Thrones’ tragic demi-protagonist whose death at the Red Wedding in 2013 became the TV event of the decade/century/millennium. Once his father, Ned Stark (Sean Bean), lost his head early on in the show’s run, everyone thought Robb Stark would be the new leading man. Maybe it was his hair, tousled and luscious; maybe it was his princely jawline, or his unwavering moral compass. He looked good riding a horse, was that it? This is what a leading man consists of, everyone said. Then he was murdered.

This is not how it should be. Not for the man who played David Budd, central figure in Jed Mercurio’s Bodyguard, the six-part series that brought the country together in an age where we’ve never had more things to watch on TV. It was the biggest Sunday-night drama since Downton Abbey; when a British tabloid ran a spoiler on the front page, the country was up in arms. The show’s distribution in the US on Netflix boosted its profile even further – and Madden
won a Golden Globe. Someone, somewhere whispered Bond and suddenly everyone frothed at the mouth because, of course! To put it another way, it takes him so long to leave the working men’s club, with the pictures, and the adoration, and the swarm of well-wishing locals, that the Bodyguard star may soon need a bodyguard.

‘I had to learn to get over waiting for it to all go to shit.’


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Earlier today (March 20) Lily and Richard were guest at ITV’s This Morning. Stills from their appearance have now been added to the gallery. Sadly they’re MQ but hopefully I will be able to replace them with HQ soon!

TV APPEARANCES & INTERVIEWS > 2015 – ITV’s This Morning (March 20) [+24]

Stills from Richard appearance at El Hormiguero have now been added to the gallery, with big big thanks to Emily, who donated most of the additions!!

TV APPEARANCES & INTERVIEWS > 2015 – El Hormiguero (March 16) [+87]

Richard was guest at the mexican talk show Despierta America to promote the film ‘Cinderella’ at Univision Studios. Several stills from his appearance have now been added to the gallery, enjoy (the cutie of Richard with a puppy!!)

TV APPEARANCES & INTERVIEWS > 2015 – Despierta America (March 12) [+148]

Updated the gallery adding photos of Lily and Richard from the Cinderella US promotion, from various events and talk shows, enjoy!

PUBLIC APPEARANCES > 2015 > March 05: Cinderella Premiere in Mexico City [+1]
PUBLIC APPEARANCES > 2015 > March 10: SiriusXM Studios Visit [+1]
TV APPEARANCES & INTERVIEWS > 2015 – Good Morning America! (March 10) [+5]
TV APPEARANCES & INTERVIEWS > 2015 – Live! With Kelly and Michael (March 10) [+1]
TV APPEARANCES & INTERVIEWS > 2015 – Pop Sugar (March 03) [+1]

Several new photos of Lily and Richard promoting Cinderella at the various New York events have been added to the gallery. BIG BIG thanks to Emily for helping me with most of the new additions!

PUBLIC APPEARANCES > 2015 > March 09: Saks Windows Unveil [+24]
PUBLIC APPEARANCES > 2015 > March 08: The Cinema Society Host A Special Screening of Disney’s Cinderella [+79]
TV APPEARANCES & INTERVIEWS > 2015 – AOL Build Speakers Series (March 09) [+42]

Lily and Richard discussed their film ‘Cinderella’ at AOL Studios in New York earlier today. Photos from the interview have now been added to the gallery!

TV APPEARANCES & INTERVIEWS > 2015 – AOL Build Speakers Series (March 09) [+40]

Updated the gallery adding stills from Richard and Lily appearance at Access Hollywood Live! and even more photos from the Cinderella World Premiere. Enjoy!

TV APPEARANCES & INTERVIEWS > 2015 – Access Hollywood Live! (March 03) [+2]
PUBLIC APPEARANCES > 2015 > March 01: Cinderella Premiere in Los Angeles [+75]