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"I just think of myself as an upstart who is trying to get better at what I do."

Thanks to Kazuki we have now the translation of this interview Richard had with MSN Mexico.

In the Land of Westeros (or “Poniente” in spanish) seasons can be longer than imagined. This is one of the particular characteristics in the world created by George R.R. Martin in his saga “A Song of Ice and Fire” (five books published of seven so far) now turned into one of the most popular TV phenomenon ever seen, I’m obviously talking about Game of Thrones, the fantasy drama that caught the imagination of million of viewers around the globe (produced and broadcasted by HBO) which week by week shows the story of seven families and five kings fighting for the throne of the fantastic universe originated by Martin, who many consider as the american “Tolkien”.

The young actor who plays Robb Stark arrived to Mexico, the trueborn son of Eddard Stark who, in this second season, seeks the independence of the North due to his father’s definitive absence.

“I love this character precisely for his honesty and because he follows his heart besides having a big sense of knowing what is good or bad, and he preaches it in a really uncomfortable situation since he never asked to become a king, but he knows he has this responsibility and has to try and look for a balance and peace for his land” says Madden during a quick visit to the city of Mexico with the purpose of promoting Game of Thrones’ Second Season, which is currently airing.

Madden is native from Scotland (which is why his english is nearly incomprehensible), and is considered one of the most promising actors of the british entertainment world. From his interpretation of Romeo in Shakespeare’s tragic play in the legendary Globe to his role in Game of Thrones, Madden seems to be firmly climbing the road to success and recognition. And example of this would be that the character of Robb has become one of the fan favorites among a competitive bunch of talented actors.

“The attractive of Game of Thrones is that the viewer can identify himself with the story and its characters from a human’s point of view. Independently that the tale itself is developed in a fantastic world, the story deals with themes of general interest such as people’s ambitions, desire, passion but mainly the fact the characters make important decisions with transcendental consequences, this is what moves and identifies the audience. The screenwriters have taken the needed time to develop a group of particular characters for the spectator, showing their dark sides, who make the wrong decisions and lead to terrible consequences”.

Madden assures he hasn’t read Martin’s five novels, although he plays one of the most important roles of the saga. He barely finished the second volume (“A Clash of Kings”) because he says he wants to enjoy the experience of the shooting without knowing Robb Stark’s final destination.

“There are definitely parallelisms with today’s world, mainly in the political field. In Game of Thrones we can perfectly see what happens behind the political scene’s curtains, the fight for control and power, the fact different characters have conflicting opinions about governments, but the main attractive is that we can go inside as spectators to their rooms, bedchambers, homes, and get to know them from inside out. That is what makes this series an exciting one”, concludes Madden.


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