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Thanks to the very gentle Diana, we have this article translated in english. Enjoy it!

The actors of the succesfull serie, Richard Madden and Kit Harington, attended a recepetion in their honor, where they shared their experiences of their visit to Mexico.

After a busy day, due to they visited the Main Square of Mexico City and did some interviews, the actors of the famous HBO serie, ‘Game of Thrones’, Richard Madden and Kit Harington, went to Casa Anís Restaurant, located in Polanco, to taste a french dinner and they were accompained by mexican actors, Cecilia Suarez and Juan Manel Bernal.

The actors of the serie were on time for the appointment , attribute that is typical of the Europeans. The mean reason of the reunion was that Madden, Harington and the mexican actors (Cecilia and Juan Manuel) have a bound that unites them, the four are part of HBO tv series, of course, ‘Capadocia’ is for Latin America and GOT is worldwide. The reunion was small, with only 20 people attending where some of them enjoyed the terrace of the restaurant.
In the mean table, were Cecilia Suarez, Juan Manuel, Richard and Kit, who shared different anecdotes while eating delicious french dishes.

The petit comité started at 8pm and ends until dawning, according to the organizers, and everyone enjoyed the soiree.

Actually, something that has surprised Richard and Kit it’s the amont of fans that they have in Mexico, since they arrived, they haven’t stopped signed books and lots of stuff of the serie, in fact, when they visited the Constitution Square, they got really excited because many people came close to have a reminder of them.

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