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Gallery Update: Birdsong Episode 1 Screencaps

Added the screencaps of the first episode of Birdsong in the gallery, enjoy them!

TELEVISION > “Birdsong” > Episode 1 Screencaps [+161]


One comment on “Gallery Update: Birdsong Episode 1 Screencaps”

  1. Karen says:

    Thanks for all the caps. I liked Richard’s character, Captain Weir. I stopped watching after he was killed because I wasn’t interested in Eddie Redmayne’s character.

    I could have done without the moustache though! I’d like to see Richard in a role that doesn’t require face fuzz.

    This is the third time Richard’s played a homsexual, if you count Kirk Brandon in “Worried About the Boy.” He’s good at playing an otherwise normal bloke who prefers sex with men. I hope he doesn’t get typecast though.

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