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Thanks to Aaron Johnson Source there is a clip online featuring Aaron and Richard (on the phone). Take a look!

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No sign of Richard on the teaser trailer, but i thought i could post it anyway ;)

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Finally we got a new picture of Richard at an event. Unbelievable, I thought he was hiding in a cave!!

It’s not often that you find the country’s leading literati sipping Polynesian cocktails in Mayfair nightclubs, but last Wednesday, when Esquire threw a party to celebrate the launch of our editor at large, Andrew O’Hagan’s new novel The Life and Opinions of Maf the dog & his friend Marilyn Monroe, that’s exactly what happened.

Source: Esquire

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Winter is Coming posted some beautiful sides from Episode 4. I’m going to attach here only the ones about Robb, you can read the rest at the main source ;)


Bran is carried to the hall by Hodor to watch Robb treat with the guests; Tyrion Lannister has returned from the Wall, and with him is Yoren from the Night’s Watch. Robb speaks with cold discourtesy to Tyrion. Despite Robb’s veiled hostility, Tyrion gives them his design for a new saddle for Bran. Tyrion declines an invitation to stay and makes to leave, but he is attacked by Rickon’s direwolf Shaggydog. The wolf is pulled off before Tyrion is truly injured, and Tyrion leaves with all but his pride intact.


Robb and Bran dine with Yoren, who had traveled south with Tyrion; Yoren reveals that Benjen Stark is missing and presumed lost.


Robb and Bran talk quietly; Robb confides his worries to the only brother he has left at Winterfell. Bran is hopefully optimistic their lives may soon return to normal; he speaks of their mother’s return, and how he hopes they can both ride north to visit Jon at the Wall. Bran remains positive despite his crippling injury. Robb, touched by his brother and clearly feeling the pressure of expectations, breaks down and quietly sobs.

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Dramatisation by Donna Franceschild of John Steinbeck’s seminal 1937 novel about migrant workers in 1930s California whose dream of one day owning a place of their own is tragically destroyed.

George …… David Tennant
Lennie …… Liam Brennan
Carlson/Crooks …… Jude Akuwudike
Lennie …… Liam Brennan
Candy …… Christopher Fairbank
Curley’s Wife …… Melody Grove
Slim …… Neil McKinven
Curley’s …… Richard Madden
George …… David Tennant

Directed by Kirsty Williams.


Source: BBC