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My aim is to provide you with the latest news on his career, media and pictures. Thanks for visiting and don't forget to keep checking back! If you have any questions, concerns or comments, then do not hesitate to get in touch with me!
Posted by Nicole on Jan 30, 2012 Game Of Thrones, Projects 2 comment

Screencaps are coming soon! ;)

Posted by Michelle on Jan 26, 2012 New Layout, Site Updates 5 comment

Hey everyone! My name is Michelle and I’m the previous owner of the site. Ann has stepped down but Nicole will still remain as co-webmaster with me. For my first update back I’ve added a new layout that Nicole made. Let us know what you think!

Posted by Nicole on Jan 24, 2012 Birdsong, Episode Screencaps, Gallery 1 comment

Added the screencaps of the first episode of Birdsong in the gallery, enjoy them!

TELEVISION > “Birdsong” > Episode 1 Screencaps [+161]

Posted by Nicole on Jan 21, 2012 Birdsong, Gallery, Projects 0 Comments

Finally the first still of Richard in Birdsong is out! Let’s hope more of them would come :D

TELEVISION > “Birdsong” > Stills [+1]

Posted by Nicole on Jan 21, 2012 Birdsong 0 Comments

Just a reminder that Birdsong starts tomorrow at 9PM on BBC1!!