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Here a sneak peek of the Cinderella trailer that will be released tomorrow during Good Morning America!

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Klondike is goin to air on January, according to Up & Comers and to the new spot that you can watch below:

January 20th: Klondike (Miniseries – Discovery at 9PM)
January 21st: Klondike (Miniseries – Discovery at 9PM)
January 22nd: Klondike (Miniseries – Discovery at 9PM)

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Former Game of Thrones star Richard Madden’s new project Klondike has a trailer full of action, drama, romance and adventure.

Discovery’s miniseries stars Madden and Augustus Prew (The Borgias) as childhood best friends in 1897 who head seek their fortune in the Yukon Territories during the gold rush. The production prided itself on shooting in authentic environments and using practical effects — avoiding CGI whenever possible (so when Madden is trekking across a mountaintop or riding river rapids, he’s actually doing it). Klondike premieres in January. This first trailer looks great. Check it out below. “You either leave with your gold or with your soul.”


Click on the image for the trailer
Klondike Trailer

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