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Yesterday (April 21), Richard visited The Graham Norton Show with his Cinderella and Romeo and Juliet co-star Lily James. Joan Collins, Paul Hollywood, and DNCE also appeared on the show. The interview aired tonight on BBC One. You can check out high quality photos from the talk show in the gallery and watch clips from the interview below.

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POP SUGAR – The stars of Cinderella, Lily James and Richard Madden, stopped by our LA studios ahead of this weekend’s release of the film to talk about taking on the fairy-tale characters. We chatted about Cinderella’s iconic dress — which Richard managed to spill coffee on — and their first, somewhat awkward, meeting.

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GOOD MORNING AMERICA – Lily James and Richard Madden, the stars of Disney’s CINDERELLA, stopped by this morning’s Good Morning America to discuss taking on the lead roles in the retelling of a classic tale.

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LILY JAMES & RICHARD MADDEN’S CINDERELLA KISS AND TELL – Richard Madden & Lily James discuss portraying Prince Charming and Ella in Disney’s ‘Cinderella.’ How much planning went into their onscreen kiss?

LILY JAMES & RICHARD MADDEN ON BEING PERFECT ANGELS FOR CINDERELLA – Lily James & Richard Madden talk bringing Disney’s “Cinderella” to life. When did they meet during the pre-production process?

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