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“Game of Thrones” isn’t a show heavy with romance. On this epic fantasy series, beating hearts are usually cut out and thrown into the fire. But if there’s one character close to a romantic lead, it’s Robb Stark, the eldest son of Eddard Stark (who got beheaded last season).

Scottish actor Richard Madden is the man in the leather and furs, leading the men of the north of Westeros into battle against the Lannister clan. And to hear him tell it, pretending to be a medieval leader on the HBO series isn’t far from actually being one. At least when it comes to the smell.

Have you started to experience the intense fandom of “Game of Thrones”?

A: Not so much. I look quite different than I do when I’m on the show, I think. So people will go, “Is that? No, not really. That guy’s much bigger on the show.”  I’m cleaned up. My hair is a bit shorter, and I’m not in fur and leather and armor. So I’m a little smaller. This press tour is nice. I went down to Brazil and Mexico, and the people there know the show so well, it’s kind of overwhelming.  I take that as a compliment to all the hard work everyone on the show does

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Westeros had the chance to interview Richard while he was in L.A. They asked questions based on what fans submitted them, so the interview is very interesting and at least different from the several you find online these days! Enjoy it! :)

I know you’re in LA right now, but you were in Miami recently?
“Yeah. I was in Miami, and before that Rio, and before that Mexico, and then before that New York. We did this big tour.”

I used to live in Miami, actually. How do you like it?
“It’s beautiful, it’s just like sunshine and heaven. It was my first time in Miami, and I want to go back to it, to paradise, get a yacht and just sail around.”

Some Brazilian fans wanted me to thank you for your visit to Rio, actually. Reading some of the reports, it sounded almost like Beatlemania.
“Not quite, not quite! No, it wasn’t as crazy as that, but we did have fans come out to our hotel after they found out where we were. I never expected we’d be in Brazil and having people ask us to sign books which we’re filming a show about.”

How is the experience of getting all that attention?
“I don’t really look so much like I do on the show, so I don’t get recognized that much. It’s nice, I can keep a bit of anonymity. But the nicest thing is that if anyone does recognize me and stop me, it’s not just because I’m in a TV show—it’s because they really like it. It’s the biggest compliment, that they want to come up and shake my hand and thank me for being part of this show that they love. It’s very complimentary and very flattering for me and everyone in the show.”
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Video of the interview Richard had with Cine Premiere.

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Thanks to Kazuki we have now the translation of this interview Richard had with MSN Mexico.

In the Land of Westeros (or “Poniente” in spanish) seasons can be longer than imagined. This is one of the particular characteristics in the world created by George R.R. Martin in his saga “A Song of Ice and Fire” (five books published of seven so far) now turned into one of the most popular TV phenomenon ever seen, I’m obviously talking about Game of Thrones, the fantasy drama that caught the imagination of million of viewers around the globe (produced and broadcasted by HBO) which week by week shows the story of seven families and five kings fighting for the throne of the fantastic universe originated by Martin, who many consider as the american “Tolkien”.

The young actor who plays Robb Stark arrived to Mexico, the trueborn son of Eddard Stark who, in this second season, seeks the independence of the North due to his father’s definitive absence.
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