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Here’s an interview of the cast talking about the new cast members:

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Robb Stark (Richard Madden), King in the North, and his army saw none of the action during the Battle of the Blackwater; he’s separated from nearly his entire family and, when circumstances might be at their most dire, he’s emotionally preoccupied with healer Talisa Maegyr (Oona Chaplin). As Madden sees it, mommy issues are partially to blame.

“I think that he sees this other woman as a breath of fresh air,” Madden tells The Hollywood Reporter, “especially because his mother and him start to have such a challenging relationship. And nearly every moment that you see of them together, is every moment they are together. You aren’t missing a lot of off-screen with them together.”

And last time viewers saw them, they saw quite a bit. Robb finally took comfort in Talisa after essentially jailing mother Catelyn (Michelle Fairley) for releasing Jaime Lannister (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau). The rest of Robb’s family isn’t even in the picture, and as much as he does want to, Madden thinks a reunion with half-brother Jon Snow (Kit Harington) would be most helpful to his character–especially after being double-crossed by Theon (Alfie Allen).
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It’s months after the “Game of Thrones” cast finished shooting Season 2, but Richard Madden is once again caught up in the drama and emotions of his character, Robb Stark.

Sitting in a gray chair in Santa Monica, Calif., he inhales quickly and deeply, his face contorting into what can only be described as a heartbroken expression, after AccessHollywood.com asks him about Catelyn Stark’s betrayal of her son.

In Sunday’s episode, the grieving Lady Stark confirmed she undermined Robb by secretly releasing Jaime Lannister (under the protection of Brienne), and sending him on a journey to King’s Landing in hopes of trading with the Lannisters for her daughters.

After a pause, Richard begins to respond.

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The Scottish actor dishes on everything from his character Robb’s love life, his hate for King Joffrey and battle scenes viewers will be dying to see! (source)