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Posted by Nicole on Nov 21, 2014 Gallery, Game Of Thrones, Promotional Images 0 Comments

Replaced, in the gallery, some outtakes from the EW Game of Thrones Season 3 Promotiona Shoot and added a new one. Enjoy!

TELEVISION > Game of Thrones > Season 3 > EW Promotional Shoot [+1 replaced the others]

Updated the gallery with some production stills from A Promise (that will premiere at the Venice Film Festival on September 4th! And I’m going! :D ) and some more photos from the Game of Thrones Season 3 Press Conference. Enjoy!

MOVIES > A Promise (2013) > Production Stills [+4]
PUBLIC APPEARANCES > 2013 Game of Thrones Season 3 Press Conference [+18]
Posted by Nicole on Jul 24, 2013 Cinderella, Game Of Thrones, Videos 0 Comments

Richard Madden chats with Access at Comic-Con 2013 about playing Prince Charming in the upcoming “Cinderella” movie. Will the film stay true to the original story? Plus, what did think about fan reaction to The Red Wedding on HBO’s “Game of Thrones.”

And here he joined for a moment Michelle Fairley in her interview!

Posted by Nicole on Jul 23, 2013 Fan Pics, Gallery, Game Of Thrones, Public Appearances 0 Comments

Thanks to the AMAZING Lisa (alphastark@tumblr) and boomboxgeneration (SDCCBlog.com) who gave me the permission to post them, I’ve added some really GREAT photos of Richard during the NerdHQ panel! Be sure to check them out ’cause they’re really terrific pics!

Posted by Nicole on Jul 22, 2013 Game Of Thrones, Videos 0 Comments