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Nicole   /   02.18.2015   /   0 Comments

And the Cinderella Press Tour continues and now is the time of Italy! Pictures from the press conference and photocall held in Milan have now been added to the gallery. Tonight the premiere! Keep the site and twitter (@rmaddenfan) checked for news, infos and photos. Also visit Lily James Source for more Lily solo stuff!

During the press conference it has been confirmed that the trio (Lily, Richard and the director Kenneth Branagh) is in the talk for a possible play/movie on Romeo & Juliet. They’re still discussing the project but they’re eager to bring this idea to life!

PUBLIC APPEARANCES > 2015 > February 18: Cinderella Photocall in Milan [+81]
PUBLIC APPEARANCES > 2015 > February 18: Cinderella Press Conference in Milan [+1]
Nicole   /   02.18.2015   /   0 Comments

Additional photos from the Cinderella Berlin and Moscow photocall – press conference – premiere have now been added to the gallery, enjoy!

Nicole   /   02.17.2015   /   0 Comments

Photos from the Cinderella Photocall and Press Conference held in Moscow earlier today have now been added to the gallery. For more pics of Lily solo, go visit Lily James Source!

PUBLIC APPEARANCES > 2015 > February 17: Cinderella Photocall in Moscow [+9]
PUBLIC APPEARANCES > 2015 > February 17: Cinderella Press Conference in Moscow [+7]
Nicole   /   02.17.2015   /   0 Comments

Richard, Lily James and the director Kenneth Branagh attended the Cinderella premiere in Moscow (Russia). Some photos from the event have been added to the gallery! Sadly there aren’t much, though, if you want to see more of Richard co-star Lily James, visit Lily James Source!

EDIT: Several new photos added!

PUBLIC APPEARANCES > 2015 > February 16: Cinderella Premiere in Moscow [+24]
Nicole   /   02.16.2015   /   0 Comments

Several new photos from the Cinderella photocall – press conference – premiere at the 65th Berlin International Film Festival have now been added to the gallery. I’d like to thank so much Claudia and Hailey for their help with some of the new HQs!!