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Posted by Nicole on Dec 29, 2013 Gallery, Klondike, Production Stills, Projects 0 Comments

Added a couple of new Klondike production stills in the gallery!

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Posted by Nicole on Nov 29, 2013 Gallery, Klondike, Production Stills, Promotional Images 0 Comments

New production stills and promotional images from Klondike have just been added to the gallery, enjoy!

TELEVISION > Klondike > Production Stills [+10 replaced a couple with HQs]
TELEVISION > Klondike > Promotional Images [+2]
Posted by Nicole on Oct 27, 2013 Gallery, Klondike, Production Stills, Promotional Images 0 Comments

Discovery Channel has launched the Official Klondike website and thanks to it we have some new promotional images and production stills from the series, and more infos about Richard’s character!

Bill Haskell Dreading a lifetime spent working behind a desk, Bill Haskell sets out to carve a place for himself in the booming times of the Klondike Gold Rush. He and his best friend Byron Epstein leave New York City and make the months-long journey to Dawson City and the gold fields of the Klondike. Handsome, intelligent and ambitious, Bill catches the attention of Belinda Mulrooney, one of Dawson’s most prominent figures. After some early trouble in town, he stakes his claim out on the creeks and sets about the business of mining gold. It isn’t long before Bill becomes consumed with finding gold and leverages everything he owns on the promise of a pay streak. He soon realizes that only a lucky few will strike it rich and as winter sets in, those lucky few become prey for the unlucky. To survive, Bill must fight desperate men, his own lust for revenge and the mighty, unforgiving Klondike.

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Posted by Nicole on Oct 25, 2013 A Promise, Gallery, Production Stills 0 Comments

Additional production stills from A Promise have been added to the gallery!

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A couple of promotional posters/images and a new production stills for Klondike have been added to the gallery!

Klondike is an event mini-series of epic proportion inspired by the true stories of those who hunted for wealth and battled for survival in the brutal Yukon Territory. At the center of the action are Bill Haskell and Byron Epstein – childhood best friends who risk everything to pursue their dream of striking it rich during the 1890’s gold rush. Lured into this treacherous landscape by the prospect of riches, they endure the unforgiving elements and discover that the deadliest threats are always human.

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