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Posted by Michelle on Apr 21, 2011 Gallery, Game Of Thrones 0 Comments

Hey guys! Game of Thrones premiere captures have been added to the gallery.

Posted by Michelle on Apr 14, 2011 Gallery, Game Of Thrones 1 comment

Hey everyone! I’m the new owner of Richard Madden Fan and for my first update I’ve capped some of the missing features/trailers from The Game of Thrones. Check out the gallery for the newest additions. View some previews below.

Posted by Arwen on Dec 17, 2010 Gallery, New Layout 1 comment

Thanks to Laura we finally have changed the theme at the gallery, take a look, it’s beautiful!

Posted by Arwen on Dec 06, 2010 Gallery, Game Of Thrones 2 comment

Just added a bunch of HD screencaps from last night’s Game of Thrones behind the scenes. Check the video below and take a look at the caps in the gallery ^_-

Posted by Arwen on May 07, 2010 Gallery, Public Appearances 0 Comments

Finally we got a new picture of Richard at an event. Unbelievable, I thought he was hiding in a cave!!

It’s not often that you find the country’s leading literati sipping Polynesian cocktails in Mayfair nightclubs, but last Wednesday, when Esquire threw a party to celebrate the launch of our editor at large, Andrew O’Hagan’s new novel The Life and Opinions of Maf the dog & his friend Marilyn Monroe, that’s exactly what happened.

Source: Esquire