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Nicole   /   03.22.2013   /   0 Comments

Thank to Claudia, I’ve just added the digital scans of the TV Guide Game of Thrones issue! The photoshoot looks AMAZING, and I really hope in some outtakes! Enjoy the article for now :)

MAGAZINE SCANS > Tv Guide: March 25/April 7, 2013 [+3]

Nicole   /   03.20.2013   /   0 Comments

Game of Thrones is featured in the March 25 – April 7 issue of TV Guide. I’ve added the cover in the gallery, and I hope to be able to add the scans of the issue soon!

MAGAZINE SCANS > Tv Guide: March 25/April 7, 2013 [+1]

Nicole   /   03.14.2013   /   0 Comments

Thanks to Claudia, I’ve been able to add the digital scans of the Entertainment Weekly Game of Thrones issue, and also a new outtake from their promotional shoot. Let’s home in some more during the weekend! :)

MAGAZINE SCANS > Entertainment Weekly: March 15, 2013 [+11]
TELEVISION > Game of Thrones > Season 3 > EW Promotional Shoot [+1]

Nicole   /   06.17.2012   /   0 Comments

Thanks to mala-kuja I’ve added the scans from Quién Magazine with a shoot of Kit and Richard while promoting Game of Thrones in Mexico, enjoy them!

MAGAZINE SCANS > Quién Magazine: May 2012 [+2]

Nicole   /   05.26.2012   /   1 Comment

Wow! Apparently Richard and Kit done a photoshoot while they were promoting Game of Thrones in Mexico, in the gallery you can find the Richard scans from Esquire Mexico May issue, and in the forum the complete article together with the Kit scans as well.

MAGAZINE SCANS > Esquire Mexico: May 2012 [+4]

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