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Posted by Nicole on Jan 17, 2014 Gallery, Interviews Pics, Klondike, Videos: Talk Shows 0 Comments

Richard was guest at Good Morning America today and he talked about his new gold rush mini-series Klondike!

TV APPEARANCES & INTERVIEWS > 2014 – Good Morning America (January 17) [+3]
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Apparently Richard is set to appear on The Dirt on Monday January 20th :)

TV APPEARANCES & INTERVIEWS > 2014 – The Dirt (January 20) [+2]
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Showbiz Tonight just went one-on-one with the former “Game of Thrones” actor Richard Madden, and he revealed to Showbiz Tonight that he hasn’t watched the famous scene when his character Robb Stark, his pregnant wife and mother were all massacred at what has become known in TV history as the ‘Red Wedding’ scene.

Richard Madden just told Showbiz Tonight’s A.J. Hammer about watching the scene again, “It just destroys me. I haven’t watched it since aired and it was crushing actually.” Madden is now starring as Bill Haskell in the gold rush show, “Klondike,” which kicks off on the Discover network January 20th.


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Added in the gallery a new still from “The Prince of Winterfell” and a new pic from the HBOLAT Interview :)

Game of Thrones > Season 2 > Episode Stills > Episode 8 – The Prince of Winterfell [+1]

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Added pics of Richard (together with Kit and Alfie) promoting Game of Thrones in Miami! Enjoy them, the pics are really amazing!

TV APPEARANCES & INTERVIEWS > 2012 Miami Interview [+3]